Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Ball-Joint Doll Style Tights

To continue my theme of "things I have been obsessing with over on Tumblr", I'd like to talk a bit about these ball-joint doll styled tights that have been popping up quite a bit lately!

Dangerous Nude's "Nude Sox"
Lolita has always had a bit of a connection to both the slightly creepy side of things (of course, not all Lolita in general, but it's undeniable to say that for some Lolita styles and trends "creepy" is as much a part of the fashion as is "elegant" or "cute"!) as well as dolls, so it's not really an uncommon occurrence when trends or stylings pop up that are heavy on the creepy doll aesthetic! So, just in time for Halloween, I am all about these BJD style tights!

Tableau ball-joint tights. Buy them here, if they're in stock!
According to what I can dig up on Google, and through translated sites, the original pair that started the trend are made by the small indie brand Tableau and are sold via Selfer (Potentially NSFW). The originals are made in small batches by an independent artist (I believe the artist is Koh Ueno) and are typically pretty difficult to get their hands on because of that.

Quite possibly even more difficult to get your hands on, because of the whopping ¥3,990 price tag (that's just over $50 at the moment) and the fact that I don't believe you can order them internationally (see their shop-via-blog page) sinceI've only seen them on their blog, are the Dangerous Nude ball-joint tights. However, if you're willing to spend a bit and hunt down a shopping service their own sock line called "Nude Sox", and DN has a plethora of stunning ball-joint styled tights to choose from! Just check these out:
Not only do these feature ankle and thigh joints, but they come in a variety of options! The "plain" pair comes not only in white but in "Dolly Pink", and the other two are grunged up in a couple of different ways, Google translate tells me that's "Resident Evil" up there in the middle, and "Steam Punk" on the right!

If either of these pairs are out of your reach, all hope is not lost! If you're desperate for a pair of BJD tights (and I know you are, I certainly am!) there are a number of other, more easily obtainable and cheaper, options for you! If you're even a bit crafty, there are a couple tutorials out there how to make a very similar pair yourself. The best part about making these yourself is that you can include the ankle join that's missing from the originals that sort of irks every BJD collector out there, or even switch from black to a dark brown for a more naturally shaded look.

If you're looking to make a pair just like the Tableau pair, check out this semi-tutorial. It's all pictures, but the pictures are pretty self explanatory if you're capable of using stencils and an air brush. If you're not so handy with an air brush, here's a somewhat easier tutorial over on FairyTale a la Mode. The acrylic paint ones don't look so pretty off your legs, but they look just fine worn, and acrylic paint is often used to customize your tights.

Beadborg's custom airbrushed tights.
If you're in search of another shop that sells these, because let's face it, like any of us are ever going to get to our craft to-do list, you also have a couple options. Lockshop is currently running a preorder for a subtly styled pair of ball-joint tights here, and the Etsy shop Beadborg offers a more intensely painted pair of air brushed BJD style tights here. I'm actually really loving the Beadborg pairs, because of their custom color options and the detailed paint job! Unfortunately, the one thing the Beadborg tights lack is the back ball, but I've messaged them to ask about it, and was told that for $10 more, to cover the extra work, they can add it. However, if you want more up-to-date BJD tights (as most BJD's in production now rarely have a visible front knee ball) you can pretty much just wear them as-is backwards if you ask for an elastic channel to be painted on the joint.

If you really don't have the room in your budget for ridiculous doll tights, and really only just need the look for a costume (Halloween is right around the corner, and "creepy doll" is definitely a perennial favorite for the lazy Lolita!) there's an old cosplay trick I have heard of that basically just involves a number of black rubber bands of various sizes worn around the joints, see what I mean:

No idea who this is! It's a Shinku cosplay that's been floating around the web for years!
It looks convincing and is cheap and easy, just remember to take them off after a while so you don't end up losing circulation!

If you want to check out some more looks with these stockings, punch in 球体関節ストッキング to Google and you'll end up with a ton of results! I have noticed a weird trend of wearing the tights backwards, with the elastic slot in the front. As someone who has a number of BJDs, this is sort of irritating to look at, because I know that the vertical slot means that's the channel the elastic goes through to bend, meaning that their legs bend backwards! So if you do manage to either make or purchase your own pair of these and jump on this trend, remember that the vertical line on the ball joint goes behind your knee!

What do you think of this trend? I think it's currently a love it or loath it sort of thing due to the high creep factors. Like I've raved about this whole post, I'm seriously in love with the look! I'm a big fan of ball-jointed dolls, and of being sort of creepy, so these are definitely a trend I'm loving!


  1. I've kinda been in love with these kinds of tights since I first saw them!! But for some reason, I always rip holes in my tights, so it'd be too expensive if I ruin them the first time I wear them out! >_< My toes simply poke holes in my tights.. Also, they'd probably be too small from me. I love the tights on the first picture! So beautiful <3 and they look the most like actual BJD legs! (I own two SD-sized boys myself)

    Julie (from Queensnorthernstar.blogspot.com)

    1. A short pair of socks on the INSIDE of your tights will save the toes! ^^ That also happens when toe nails are a wee bit too long or coarse. Make sure to keep them trimmed and filed to keep this to a minimum. ((I've done this numerous times until I realized the problem. So many stocking and hosiery lost! D: ))

  2. That is a little too creepy for me. I do not think I would wear them.

  3. I think the idea is adorable, I'd probably wear the if my legs were prettier and I had more money... they would surely be especially cute when you have a bjd to twinn with and carry around (^.^)

  4. Woah! They look amazingly real! o_0
    Kind of freaky and cute at the same time..but maybe the freakyness takes over at my point of view. :P

    Frillycakes ♥

  5. I have loved them ever since I first saw them. The only trouble is that I have difficult legs and I keep tearing holes through my hose and tights. So until I get my size right and learn how to properly put on a pair of tights, I will never get them myself.

  6. Well, I stumbled upon those tights somewhen at the beginning of this year and since they were a bit expensive, my boyfriend just made me a pair for WGT, so I could go for Steampunk/Ero lolita/Doll http://rufflesandsteam.tumblr.com/post/25367790905/steampunk-doll-by-ayraleona-wgt-2012-saturday

    I'll be the lazy lolita doing a creepy doll outfit this halloween so I can wear them again and pair them with something like this for the hands http://ayraleona.deviantart.com/favourites/41897495#/d5f4wcx and maybe a make-up like this http://laceandlayers.tumblr.com/post/32808083297/iamcharon-airbrush-makeup-done-by-my-friend

  7. These are definitely on the creeptastic scale and I love them, but because my tights never survive long (mostly because my cat simply has claws and loves my lap at all times) I would never buy them. It would also be way too cold to wear during Halloween, because let's face it, where I live it'll most likely snow twice or thrice within the next 2-3 weeks.

  8. These are amazing but SO creepy, never seen in real life and I think I'd be a bit scared...
    The rubber band idea is just so cool and simple! Have to try this.

  9. This is amazing for Halloween, but if you can´t buy it, you can use the other idea ^^.

  10. These are awesome. I was looking for a pair earlier this year and forgot about it after adding it to my craft to-do list. The only thing I don't really like about the white ones is seeing them on a person. The white contrasts oddly with their natural skin color and then it just looks odd. It'd be awesome to have gloves or sleeves or something with joints on them as well to complete the look for short sleeved outfits.

  11. I think this look is unique and can be great for incorporating into a lot of styles, not just Lolita. I think this will pretty much stay an indie trend though, considering there doesn't seem to be much color variation of the tights for different skin tones for it to go mainstream at the moment. Of course, you could also just make your own with using different colored tights!

    1. xD But a lot of Lolita styles already do incorporate these tights into them.

      I also believe that many of the tights made are sheer beige that tend to work OK on many different skin tones.

  12. Oh. lovely! as a BJD fan and owner I must get a pair :D

  13. woah. just woah. LOVE THEM! its always been a dream to look like a dolly ^_^

  14. The blonde girl in the botton is not dressed with any ball jointed tights but with rubber bands :( very painful

  15. If you still want 'em, they're available on eBay

    Nude: http://www.ebay.com/itm/BJD-Dollfie-SD-Pullip-Lolita-Punk-Creepy-Fake-Plastic-Doll-Leg-Knee-Joint-Tights-/200924193208?pt=US_CSA_WC_Hosiery_Socks&var=&hash=item2ec803e1b8

    White: http://www.ebay.com/itm/Girls-Tights-Thigh-Highs-Joint-Dislocation-Stockings-Ball-Doll-Pantyhose-Legging-/330939843760?pt=US_CSA_WC_Hosiery_Socks&hash=item4d0d8d44b0

  16. Ophanim Gothique has a pair of white and peach BJD tights for $27.00! http://ophanim.storenvy.com/products/1439083-ball-joint-doll-tights

  17. New product complete model.


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