Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Panda Fuzz Review

Over the summer I was sent a few items from the Fairy Kei shop, Panda Fuzz, for review. Since my blog has been on a long hiatus since then, I'm only now getting the chance to post the review!

Shortly after being contacted by Panda Fuzz, I was sent a package that was sent priority and only took a couple days to arrive. Packaging was very neatly done and everything was wrapped in pink tissue paper and the accessories were confined to baggies to keep them from rolling around the box. Panda Fuzz surprised me with a very high quality printed tee shirt that I was totally not expecting (The shirt is the image in the background of the review header!). I was very impressed with the print quality on this shirt, as it appeared to be screen printed, and the illustration on it was just adorable! Anyone familiar with the style will tell you that cute and unique tee shirts in pastel colors are an indispensable addition to a Fairy Kei inspired wardrobe. 

 The rest of the items were Fairy Kei essentials, such as this kandi styled charm bracelet. It's on an elastic cord, which feels strongly secured and comfortably stretchy, and look extra cute paired with pastel lace wristcuffs in Fairy Kei x Lolita coords!

I thought that this heart lollypop cell phone strap was particularly cute and a subtle way to add a little bit of kawaii to your life. Unfortunately, I was afraid of the fragility of this piece, as the lolly pop stick is the real deal and the resin set so that it was more rubbery than plasticy. The rubbery resin isn't necessarily a flaw, it was by no means sticky, just something to take note of and I believe has since been worked out. However, all of the other resin pieces were perfectly set!

My favorite piece was definitely this very excited star hair clip! The face on the star is too cute and the color gradient was very cute. It featured a pink glittery plastic chain and charm dangle, that would look extra cute mixed in with your curls!

 The final item I received was a large statement charm necklace, featuring the same pink glittery plastic chain as on the hair clip. My favorite part about this was the little heart and star charms, as they reminded me of the sort of linkable charm necklaces that we used to make growing up in the early late 80s/early 90s. Definitely the right kind of nostalgic for Fairy Kei!

Overall, the items I received from Panda Fuzz were well made and were just what you would expect from the photos and the price range. The designs are cute would be a nice addition to a Fairy Kei inspired Sweet Lolita wardrobe!

You can find Panda Fuzz a few places online:

Friday, December 5, 2014

Lolita Blog Carnival: 2015 Lolita Trend Forecast

This week's Lolita Blog Carnival looked like a fun one, so despite quite a long time of not joining in, I just had to do this one! The topic is: 2015 Lolita Trend Forecast.

In the past year or so, a lot of really interesting new trends have been popping up in Lolita and the very idea of what the "traditional" Lolita looks like has vastly changed! I think 2015 is going to be an exciting year for Lolita trends, so for the topic of this Lolita Blog Carnival I've chosen 5 trend predictions for 2015 that I think are very likely.

I definitely think that in 2015 we're going to continue stepping away from the "traditional" Lolita shape of a very fitting bodice that flares out to a cupcake at the natural waist and stops short above the knees. I definitely think we're going to see the continuation of the trend of longer hemlines, increasingly deflated skirts, and higher waists. One of the reasons why I think this trend is going to continue to grow is because of just how versatile this look is! An a-line dress can have either a mature and sophisticated look with a longer hemline, or a youthful and retro feel with a shorter hemline. Lolita designers are no longer confined to "coloring within the lines" of the traditional silhouette to evoke a mood or aesthetic, but have much more room to fiddle with the overall look.

 In 2015, I think that there will be many more accepted styles of headwear, just like with the silhouette, the "traditional" will be set aside for the more adventurous. For years it seemed like the only headwear of choice was either an Alice bow by default, a rose corsage if you were going for a very grownup look, or an old school headdress for a select few who were stuck in the past. While there have always been a few crazy few out there who would do something so ridiculous as stick a cake on their heads, this was always the exception and usually reserved for the daring.  In the past couple years people have obviously gotten rather bored with this and have been experimenting with what they stick on their heads! No longer do people go for the default Alice bow and save the birdcage for fancy meetups, but even the most casual Lolita get together calls for creative head gear. From halos, to veils, to rose crowns, to books, to picture frames, to giant bonnets covered in flowers, there seems to be no limit to what a Lolita can stick on her head. I definitely think that this is a trend that will continue into 2015 and will be picked up more by mainstream brands, rather than just the DIY spirited Lolitas.

 The cross motif was at one time probably one of the fashion's oldest and most iconic prints, hitting big when Gothic Lolita was at the forefront of the fashion in the early 2000s. Recently this religious twist has come back, with a vengeance! I think that 2015 will see much more of this religious iconography trend in everything from more nun dresses, prints of classic religious paintings, to accessories that evoke a holy feel. No longer will the fashionable Lolita strive to look like a cupcake or a fairy princess, but rather she will want to look like she stepped right out of a church fresco.

 Does anyone else remember how over the top wacky it was when Angelic Pretty would release a dress with a pompom trim? "That's just... too much!" people would exclaim. Well, those days are long behind us and more and more dresses are being trimmed with just about anything other than lace. I think that 2015 will see more brand releases with much more variety of trims, including many different kinds of trims on the same piece, for a more lush and opulent look. I think that in 2015 we can expect to see beading, tassels, fringe, charms, and pretty much anything more adventurous than a grosgrain ribbon adorning the newest looks from brands.

 I have noticed a big Boystyle or Prince comeback within the fashion! For years Boystyle was just sort of there as an option that most people only chose to dabble in with off-the rack clothes, and honestly the style was stagnant for years (This old post of mine has very quickly become hilariously out dated!), but now all the sudden brands seem to be interested in releasing creative takes on the style beyond the typical black knickerbockers, white blouse, and a top hat. In fact, a handful of years ago if you would suggested Boystyle in either a Classic or Sweet option, you'd be met with a lot of skepticism. Nowadays Boystyle is just as diverse as Lolita. I think that 2015 will see a lot more Boystyle, both from brands, and in general at Lolita friendly events.

Overall, I think the theme for 2015's trends will be variety. We'll be seeing a lot of the old classics be reimagined, and the traditional take the back seat for the more avant-garde. I think that a lot of trends we're only just now seeing the beginning of, such as longer more relaxed silhouettes and religious iconography will really begin to take off in the upcoming year in a big way! The last year or so has seen a huge influx of indie brands releasing really creative pieces, as well as a lot more DIY spirit among Lolitas, and I really feel like this new variety in the fashion is really speeding up the evolution of Lolita fashion.

What do you think 2015 will hold for Lolita?

The Bloody Tea Party also joined in on this week's LBC topic!

Sunday, November 30, 2014

PMX Lolita Fashion Show 2014

This post was written by Mis of froufro.us as part of F Yeah Lolita's new blogging team. 


It’s been a full decade since the first Pacific Media Expo, and in that time, the convention has made a strong reputation for itself as a venue for lolita fashion. Since 2009, PMX has hosted fashion shows and tea parties with nearly every major label, from Angelic Pretty to Juliette et Justine. This year they welcomed back Innocent World and their lead designer Yumi Fujiwara, alongside Baby the Stars Shine Bright, Alice & the Pirates, Lief, Haenuli, and new guests Marchen die Prinzessin and White Forest.


Korean brand White Forest led the way with their Walks of Elizabeth OP (left). The bunny in the basket gives this outfit a nostalgic touch- stuffed animals are associated more with sweet lolita these days, but maybe we’ll see a resurgence in the early-2000s trend of pairing plush toys with classic coordinates?
Next up, Marchen die Prinzessin premiered their Swan Lake OP (right), a lovely illustrated print on an arabesque-patterned background. I love how the sash and socks tie the outfit together here (pun intended)!


Haenuli followed with a very fairytale-esque series of coordinates: their Little Mermaid JSK, paired with an organza overskirt (left), Planetary Dreamer JSK (middle), and Whipped Cream Kitty Kitty JSK (right).
The hair styling and accessories on the latter looks nearly stole the show! Who wouldn’t want a shimmery unicorn flower crown or a fluffy puff-eared wig?


Lief gave us some sweet treats with their Noble High Tea OP (left), Veryberries JSK (second to left), and Apple Blossom JSKs (right). This was a great demonstration of the versatility of their dresses: the cuts are all similar, with lightly embellished bodices and box-pleated skirts, but they can easily lend themselves to a wearable otome look with the addition of a cardigan and beret, or be dressed up for a distinctive lolita look with a ruffled underskirt and fancy headdress.


And as a coup de grace, Lief premiered their Celestial print series with these gorgeous twinned coordinates. The details in the print really seemed to glow under the spotlights!


Baby/AatP regaled us with their newer Fall/Winter offerings, including Funeral Procession of Rose Aria, Kuma Kumya’s Royal Kingdom, Sonnet for Juliet, and Bright Starry Night.


My personal favorite looks- both for the coordinates and the charismatic models- were the Queen of Snow OP, shown with a crown scepter and beribboned booties, and the Rosa Mistica OP, paired with a rose coronet and magnificent parasol. Gorgeous!


Last but not least, Innocent World took the stage with a selection of their newest pieces. In keeping with their signature style, each coordinate was understated, but never boring.
From left to right: Antique Doll Dress, Three Archangels OP, and Printed Rose Gobelin JSK.


And for the grand finale, we saw the debut of Innocent World’s upcoming Big Ben print, a silhouette of the London skyline against a night sky full of constellations. The glowing yellows in the illustration and the gold trim detailing really make it pop!


After the fashion show, everyone filtered out to do some last-minute shopping in the brand boutiques, where many of the items for sale were coming in fresh off the runway (and even marked down at the last minute!). It was fun to see so many of the major brands represented by attendees! Everyone looked fabulous, and looked like they were having a fabulous time.


If you’re a lolita aficionado with the means to travel to LA, I’d recommend checking out PMX! Some might be put off by the fact that it is still primarily an anime convention, but alternative fashion does have a strong presence here. Along with the fashion show, brand tea parties and designer Q&As are a regular feature, and you might just find the perfect piece for a future coordinate in the brand boutiques. PMX provides plenty of opportunities for shopping, socializing, and enjoying frilly fashion with your fellow attendees.

Photo credit: froufrous / secretforkeeps

About The Blogger
Mis is a long-time lolita fashion aficionado, amateur seamstress, and intermittent blogger at froufro.us. She accumulates brand, BJDs, and miniature perfume bottles like a magpie with overly expensive tastes.

Saturday, November 29, 2014

It's Been A While!

Long time no see! It's been a pretty crazy 5 months that lead to an unexpected hiatus! Between helping organize RuffleCon, being in multiple artist alleys, and starting a new job that clocks in at over 50 hours a week, I unfortunately had to put F Yeah Lolita on unannounced hold. However, I'm hoping to get back into the swing of things with a few new additions to the blog!

If you've been checking back for more news (and thank you if you have been!) you might have noticed a new link at the top, F Yeah Lolita Team. What this means is that in the future I'll be hosting a number of posts by guest bloggers! This has been an idea I've been toying with for a very long time, but I decided to finally buckle down and do it after RuffleCon when I realized how much I would absolutely love to be able to cover more Lolita related events, but unfortunately only am local to a very small amount!

This won't necessarily change the way F Yeah Lolita runs, it will simply mean a sprinkling of a few more posts here and there. After all, this blog was never meant to be a blog about my own personal Lolita experience, but rather about the Lolita experience, and adding other Lolitas with new experiences seems like the perfect way to do this!

Thursday, June 26, 2014

RuffleCon News Part 2: Lolita Designer Guests & Events

A few months back I wrote about RuffleCon an alternative fashion conference, and I'm back for round two with all the exciting news that's come out since then! When I first wrote about RuffleCon, it was only just announced, and in the past few months we've had a lot of really exciting announcements. One of the most exciting of which is that a few of the special guests for the premier year are Japanese Lolita brand designers!

Fumiko of Enchantlic Enchantilly
Fumiko of Enchantlic Enchantilly (formerly known as Chantilly) will be be attending and her brand will be sold in the marketplace. Chantilly is known for their lush Gothic designs in bold jewel tones and delicate metallics, as well as their larger range of sizes. They are definitely one of my favorite Gothic Lolita brands and it's very exciting to get the chance to see their clothes in person and meet the designer!

Triple Fortune The other Lolita designer special guests are Kaie and Babi, the designers behind Triple Fortune. This is incredibly exciting news because this will be Triple Fortune's first event in the US! Their clothes are notoriously difficult to get a hold of online, as they mostly sell at events and you usually have to be lucky enough to stumble across something secondhand or through their very limited Kera shop. While Triple fortune is most known in the US for their elaborate bonnets, they also release gorgeous dresses and corsets too! Getting to meet the designers and be able to purchase their items is a rare chance for Lolitas outside of Japan!

Of course, these aren't the only Lolita brands being represented at RuffleCon's marketplace! There is a wide assortment of indie Lolita brands that will be attending, you can check out the currently announced ones here!

Even just beyond designers and shopping, there are a lot of things for the Lolita to do at RuffleCon! We have a number of panel rooms featuring panels and many of our special guests will be presenting panels. In fact, we still have about a week until panel applications close! There will also be quite a few main events including a fashion show (featuring the above brands and then some!), a couple different coordinate contests, and a masquerade with live music. So far it's really gearing up to be an amazing event!

You can check out RuffleCon here:
WebsiteFacebookTumblrTwitterFacebook Discussion Group
If you happen to register for RuffleCon, add my name as a referrer ;D

Thursday, June 19, 2014

Baby, The Stars Shine Bright to Open New York City Store!

If you're friends with anyone on Facebook who happens to live anywhere even remotely close to the US east coast, this is probably old news to you by now, but if you haven't heard yet: Baby the Stars Shine Bright is opening it's first store on the east coast! The news came alongside the news of the re-opening of Tokyo Rebel, a NYC shop that carried a number of Japanese brands, including Baby. In fact, Tokyo Rebel and Baby will be opening side-by-side. The most exciting thing about this is that it isn't happening in some far-off unspecified future, but it's happening in a month.

This is incredible news, and not just for Lolitas who happen to live in and around NYC! This might be the first brand shop to hit the east coast, but it's the second Baby to hit the US, and one of several Lolita shops. Lolita fashion is definitely on the rise in popularity and it's incredibly exciting to see actual brand shops opening up, not just once or twice, but multiple times, outside of Japan. Just as Miss Lumpy pointed out in her post about this news, even if this new shop isn't local to you, with each brand shop to successfully open outside of Japan, it increases the chances of more brand shops opening all around the world! 

As an east coast Lolita, I've often siiighed with envy at all the exciting events that happen for all the west coast Lolita brands, and here's to hoping that with the opening of this Baby store we'll be getting similar events here!

You can keep your eyes on the Baby NYC website for more news about this exciting opening, as well as the twitter and facebook. I would also suggest keeping an eye on Tokyo Rebel and their blog for news as well!

Friday, June 13, 2014

Invent 5 New Lolita Holidays To Celebrate

I haven't had the chance to do a Lolita Blog Carnival post in a while, but this week's was just too fun to pass up! The topic is invent 5 new Lolita holidays to celebrate. Every good Lolita knows that every year comes with, not one, but two International Lolita Days as an excuse to get together and have some meetups, but what about the other 363 days of the year? Now's our chance to fill the calender up with more excuses to wear Lolita!

Maiden's Day
January 26th
January 26th just so happens to be Novala Takemoto's birthday, and what better day to have a Lolita holiday on? Maiden's Day is an excuse to completely indulge in the lifestyle of Lolita. Put on your laciest Old School Lolita dress, sip your most expensive tea, and watch Kamikaze Girls for the millionth time in your life. The best part about Maiden's Day is that you don't necessarily need other Lolitas to celebrate it with, because who needs things like friends?

World Gothic Lolita Day
March 19th
March 19th is already a familiar holiday for a lot of Lolitas, as it's Mana's birthday! What better day to recognize Gothic Lolitas than on his birthday? World Gothic Lolita Day is an excuse for even the sweetest of Sweet Lolitas to goth it up in some black clothes. Take a cue from Mana's Visual Kei roots and put on some Shironuri makeup and go totally OTT with your Gothic coordinates!

International Casual Lolita Day
Second Saturday in August
This comes a couple months after the summer ILD, in what is usually the hottest time of year, a time when people just generally don't wan to wear Lolita. Come August, most Lolitas probably realize that they haven't worn the fashion in a while! Let's change that with International Casual Lolita Day! Everyone shows up with their favorite Otome-inspired blouseless JSK, big straw hat to block the sun, ruffly ankle socks, and meetups are chosen based on places have the best air conditioning.

Over the Top Day
October 13th
Wearing Lolita in October is sometimes more annoying than it should be because it's so close to Halloween that people tend to assume there's some sort of Halloween party going on that they weren't invited to. OTT Day is a chance to go all out with your Lolita, regardless of your style, and do it in a big meetup group. So now when people ask if there's a Halloween party going on, you can tell them "No, as a matter of fact, it's Over-The-Top Day, just wait till you see our Halloween costumes!"

Ruffle-Butt Christmas
December 28th
Who doesn't love Christmas parties? But the real shame is that once Christmas is over, you have to wait almost a whole week before New Years Eve parties! With Lolita Christmas, the holiday doesn't have to be over so soon. In that awkward week of resting between Christmas with the family and spending all New Years Eve partying we can easily fit in a special holiday just as an excuse to bust out the green and red velvet Lolita dresses you never have a good reason to wear the rest of the year! Ruffle-Butt Christmas is, basically, exactly like regular Christmas, only it's just for Lolitas. You get all your Lolita friends together for one last Christmas party of the year and exchange presents of brand novelties, bake up some cute pastel sweets, and finally get to incorporate tinsel into your coordinates!

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